Thursday, July 5, 2012

MOre from kochi

the first shots are of Coda Casa sports and Yojiro who I have mentioned before on these pages (shark).
the first and second are double exposures I got the times right on the second try. Camera is Manual Option land camera with FP-3000 b.

I saw these two bikes and had to take a photo ,obviously reading whats cool -but all the same I have never seen a vivalo with chrome lugs and I have owned 5 or 6 of them. ....and then theres the grab shot with the wheelchair frontwheel

next we have some street shots.. the first is a double of a mail box ,I was taking the building but the rider enterd my shot. fp100c--grafaloid

Here is a bike I saw parked-One of those ladies who is afraid of the sun they wear these hats with built in black visors really scary you can't tell if they are looking or not...notice the hand covers

This was just too cute they were waiting for the light.ruined the print somehow though.


This lady has a less severe style similar to the owner of the bike in the first shoot.

NEXT TIME..My lifelong quest of keirin (not the beer)


  1. I love how you can really feel the humidity in these shots. truly lovely.

  2. thanks I get sweaty just typing...!

  3. yeah, i dig the sweaty fog. in painting you might call it atmospheric perspective?


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