Friday, July 20, 2012

Tour De France in relation to my rides here in KOCHI

 Well the tour is almost over ..its been live on the television here sometimes and part of the screen is blocked out to try to get you to pay but its made me think of my bikes here and how they relate to the race of the season. Its a bit of a stretch but I figured my ezine readers might like some photos of the bikes I ride around to take the photos for this blog... In this instance I will be posting Digital photos this is an exception as regular visitors of this site know..please excuse the regression.. the link is that both bike have mention of a 5 time Tour winner on them... OK heres the first one.. the seat tube had a head shot its not really recognizable but heres a teaser..

 To me it looks more like a photo of Pou-pou (poulidor) after he broke his nose while in the lead of the 68 (?) tour but it is indead Jacque the first man to win the tour five times.. here is the head badge..

 here is another shot of one of the transfers.

heres what the cockpit looks like

its got a nice JOS lighting system complete with an AMBER front bulb (how french)

Here are a couple of shots of the details that make this frame special....


     YOU can be sure that Jacque picked the all the parts out for this model.. the seat shows just how much style he had..

 WELL that bike is in the quiver sitting along the other bikes of the house...
the one that is hanging up is my other ride here... The seat and post as starters..

The one link this bike has to the Tour De France is the Stonglight headset which is Branded B.Hinault who followed Jacques and Eddy into the small group of men to win the tour de france 5 times (without asterix).
The bike itself was branded Marin made for some six day races they entered their team in to garner some needed UCI points I got it without a fork at a bayarea bike swap about 10 years ago. The frame has been rebranded with transfers I aquired at the first CMWC in 1993 in berlin. there is a sticker just above the BB that however reveals its true heritage...

You may not have heard of the Billato brothers unless you read The Landlords website.they made this wonder of welded beauty.

YES Misster Pissta has an alloy Bike INFACT I have 2 my other one is a BULLITT freight bike... I have in the past owned Alan's and Vitus's and maybe someday I will own a Cunningham....look at these great beads.

 Most of the parts are from the GOMI before fixed gears got popular and Keirin riders quit throwing away their cast offs.
Heres a shot you can see the decals in all their glory (?)  hey they were better than the marin ones...

Yeah I have a MTB stem on it once I past the age of 25 comfort became more important to me than fashion... the only reason the tires match is becuase they were the first ones I found in the trash when I rebuilt the wheels from sewups last week.

 The rear hub was a gift from a friend who raced Keirin till the 80's he raced for 37 years and 4 months.. I think it is from the early 60's
 the headtube has stickers from a few shops in Kochi...and suntour..

well thats all for time..a story  Keirin my liflong quest....