Tuesday, March 6, 2012

back from the meat world

Hi there readers, I want to send out a special thank you to the three of you that commented on my writings and photos that third comment was what I was waiting for to post, but right when it came I was caught up in the process of my friend Cameron Falconer making a couple of frames one for him and one for me.
 Well they got finished and I got started on a Misster Pissta  issue of  the Bicycle Siren zine(paperblog), the first I have made in a while and the first ever edition of the bicycle siren in color!
   Somewhere in there i got invited to a photo show at 111minna which took place on 29 februrary at 111 minna. I was trying to finish the zine and some bags to visit Sacremento but it was my birthday weekend and I decided that as fun as a road trip to bicycle geekfest premerio I would rather spend it in Kinkos- the zine is almost done and I will offer it up here when it is completed.
    I have been spending time in the San Francisco Rec&park City Photography Center at the Harvey Milk Building at the west end of Duboce Park or if you prefer  the street address- 50 Scott Street. I used to be a member in the 1980's before the building was rebuilt, now that the darkroom has repopened and it is better than ever.
    I have been excited about putting my polaroids through the canon copier at kinkos to get an 8X10 negative printed on transparency film which I can then make a contact print with at the darkroom it has a scanning process but it seems to be the simplest way to get a wet print from a polaroid and it has satisfying results.
Anyway here is todays Misster Pisstas Streets photos-I took these pictures the 5th of march. I had to take some photos of this building before it was gone. It was called Bluepeter building.. heres info aBOUT it http://www.bluepetersf.org/..  they thought they had it saved..
anyhow its not there today..

OK gotta work on the zine...

stay on two wheels..  misster pissta.

(in the photo of the side of the building you can see the wasps nests that were in the boarded up windows)