Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year,new blog new attitude,

 I don't know how you found this blog other than the fact that I'm skitching on the comment section of the bike snob nyc LOB HELP US.. in any case I am happy to present to you--

 my new trashbucket of images, I bring home from my travels about and awheel (I don't really walk that's just for the comment section).
For the most part I will try to stick to film images but as we all know its not what you're shooting, its the shot. With that in mind I give you my premirre posting.

I was going to Japantown with double ears and I went through opera plaza she went on up Golden Gate..I got stopped by this sight on Van Ness right in front of the bookstore...

three formats ALL ODD?

 I had the Polaroid on my back so I tried to take a shot with it first, pulling out the meter and putting on the portrait attachment ,you know making an image, well after the print was pulled from the camera and developing, I took out the Fujica Mini Half Frame I had in my front pocket for another couple of shots, I develop the polaroid and realize its way too dark,(see upper left photo) That made me worry about the half frames exposure is touchy sometimes on the fujica anyway

FUJICA mini  (1/2 frame) expired fujifilm200

  Ive been in this guys face for like 3 minutes now hes gonna wake up right.
wrong ,just to make sure and becuase the elf.jr was in the bag I took another shoot this time with the flash and the APS camera so there you have it a spread of three formats of one theme. I like the fact that he has a rolling paper in his hand a grinder in his lap.. I really missed out by not taking a picture showing how crowded the sidewalk was ,a lesson for next time.. I bet the bag of WEED was gone shortly after I left.. I don't always have 3 cameras but I usally have two..just in case

.and no I didnt take his bag of weed...

next time I promise bicycles......