Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kochi cycle style

more to come but heres some street view from here..


  1. japan cycle chic. love it

    and that vivalo is pretty funny. utilitarian repurposed keirin bike

  2. Yann-where are you located>? thanx for the comment.
    These photos are some bikes that caught my eye.. and one of my Billato parked next to a "masi" my bike is actually made in italy unlike that masi. The next post willhave more people on bikes some istant shots and some from normal film. I relly like the variety of miniwheel cargo ish bike being pumped out of china thats what most of the post is except for the couple riding double..she was texting and smoking a cig on the back... multi-tasking at its best... next time umbrellas!! And yes that Vivalo was/is classic I can only imagine the back story..brother is a racer his old frame? Bike shop extras?who can guess .maybe I can find out some day.... thanks for reading and thanks again for your comment..Misster Pissta

  3. hello misster-pissta. I'm located in SF! I had you repair a bag a few years back and you made me some coffee while I looked at your zines. I found your blog through the gmail chat thing where you had posted a link. Love the photos.


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