Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dfl Cylco-cross dress Race #1 year #21!! Roundhouse.. INTERBIKE SUCKS.....almost as bad as that other neveda event

Well I didnt see the hole in the fence..but thru the bushes was the only place it could be..and then I was in the railyard.. cant say enough about it so I will say nothing.. here are some photos however..
No the hole in the fence is in the bushes..

5bucks less if you have a dress..signup meetup reunion time for many..

Coach inspects --suits and dresses and takes names

slips are checked as the pack masses on the line..

8 minute laps left ample time for spectators to talk and drink

You bet its auto focus here...

thanks for looking


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    1. thannks chris... some of these shots are in my zine "7 shots" # 2 bike race..available on my etsy..


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