Thursday, August 23, 2012

we interrupt the series for this post

Hi there readers (lets make that commenters please) . I am interupting the keirin series to share with you some photos of a show JITENSHA BAKA (bicycle crazy) a show I skitched my photos into her in Kochi. The show is at a shop/bar called TABURA which sells antiques, specializing in fans presently dur to the shortage of power in japan and the request that people refrain from using their air-conditioners until the nuclear plants are back online(thats another story).. anyhow the show is of a bunch of bikes from the 50's to the 70's almost all with rod brakes ..heres the flyer and some of my photos of the show.

next installment should continue with my keirin story if all goes as planned..


  1. i think these are my favorite photos so far.

    1. why thanks yann,, the new lens really inspires me and lets me shot instant film with a focal length simialar to what I like in 35mm. I am restricted her as I don't have acess to a darkroom and processing is expenseve..but I have alot of rolls saved up for my return next month. Thanks alot for your feedback..its nice to know someone actuallty looks at this,,,
      stay on 2 wheels

      ez...misster pissta

    2. great photos..reminded me as a kid in Japan we used to find these old mamasan bikes in junkyards and we'd make bosozuku bikes out of them....:)


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