Monday, June 11, 2012


I find myself spread everywhere at once... IM ing  with SAM in Jerseuleum,      listening to the BBC6  and the punkbritannia specials (siouxie DJ ing?) while I sleep under the shadow of the KOCHI CASTLE having a Ryoma HOLIDAY . I find myself unexpectedly in Kochi due to my daughter breaking a few bones, shes fine just laid up for 3-6 weeks confined to the hosptial so here I am.
         I took a flight to Kansai (KIX) and for the first tme was able to leave the island the airport is built on by a hi speed ferry to the Kobe airport. From there a shuttle and a tram to Sanmiesan where I had a few hours to wander around before getting on the night bus across the inland sea to shikoku and over and through the mountains to Kochi.
I have air in my tires and am searching for cameras... can't decide what the market wants but lots to choose from... contax? check- g1, g2 t2 t2tvs...fuji ? yes 645 many types,6X9,Klasse,tiariaII... CHECK me on ebay Kaiben_v to see what I pick up should be there by the 15th..any requests leave a comment I'll look for it..not limited to cameras.. till next time from the land of the rising sun

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