Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ONE for the ( G.S.) LANDLORDS cycling gang

this photo is for the GS landlords cycling team.. follow them ...order their book or end up in the broom wagon of life...   check here join the breakaway

This one, from the archives, was shoot on a fuji instant mini (CHEKI) about 2000 . Of note are the hubcaps on the front wheel and the "GAI-CHE" fibreglass attachements from MONG KOK neighborhood in Hong Kong. The kids there were putting them on 20" cnatilever shwinn style frames with 16 " wheels when I was there in 87 or so, the seat braces on this one were fashioned from crutches. The sticker on the seat reads in yamaha script SHITBOX XLT .

The bike was badged GT when I got it from josh pvc but it was from the OTC in colarado springs , and I think they were made to train on and work out the sizing /fit for the GT blade bikes the us track team rode in 96..anyone got info on that?
     since it has a 24 inch front wheel I just pretend its a Georgina TerrY as many of the bikes in their line have 24 inch front wheels.

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