Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AH the 80's....

nomeat no gods  woops thats
left a comment so I want all of you that like this to make a heavy metal devil hand sign and gesture towards new york for him...

here we have my selection of the best photos from the March 1980 cyclerace magazine

The Badger on full effect

no acspect of cycling to be left out

few pages later you get this

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the last page Jan's bike!

Sarroni looks so young this was his year, but he was still kicking in '86 when I watched him race up the hill to coit tower in the coors classic, and then later  that month in colorado springs he helped Argentin win the rainbow jersay

let me hear you yell JOOP in orange more then yellow he also has a rainbow jersey in his palameres

MOSER at this point was still picking his nose on live eurowide televison...so young and Hennie where did all the dutchmen go in the 90's?

Roger the KING OF THE COBBLES ranked 8th hard to tell its him without the sideburns and longer hair..maybe he was supporting his local futball club between cross races that winter

Just another rad ad
this is just from one magazine club wheel Kochi member and tokyo EXenger  rescued from the neighborhood Keirin office when they closed down....more to come?? its up to you till next time I am MISSTER PISSTA


  1. was moser trying to save weight with no handlebar tape? great pics!

  2. that was some sort of style I think those pphotos are from a TT so you should be on the drops all the time so why use tape...Its similar to the psycological advantage offered by fresh white tape on race day .. note the piviotal year...sill no aero levers but the first lycra appearing on the scene.. the photo of De Valeminck is at the same race maybe in italy? the one of Kuiper and a few others are at the TDF Sarronni looks like it could be tour de espange..I also think the photos of DIDI and JOOP are from the same race but I am not sure where.. I also lack my club wheel S>F> archives to try to figure it out.. I am sure someone more versed in that period could tell you right away but I am not sure they are reading my blog...ANDRE DE KINDER (the ultimate tifosi) do you have your ears on??

  3. Looking at the photos again its also intresting to see who has hard anodyized rims and who doesnt...

  4. thanks for answering my question. the TT explanation makes a lot of sense. I dont know much about the era except that I dig the style a lot. Just got the Fignon book though!


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