Monday, March 19, 2012

Bicycle Siren /misster Pissta paper blog

officer Fewer- badge 33

I mentioned it before but now it is a reality, the paper blog is now finally complete. I would have posted this earlier today but I spent the better part of the morning at the hall of Justice waiting  to get a court date for the citation I recieved last year on Clement street for being within 6 (SIX) FEET (two metres) of a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The officer ,(who I hope shows up in court) flat out told me at the time that for that day he had been given a mandate to only issue citations involving Ped/bike interfaceing. well the cops have almost 500 bucks of mine now until I go to court and then hopefully the judge will give me back at least some of it.

On to the paper blog..
Bill Daniel photographer/zinester  (  says about it:
 "Zo's latest info-device -art rivals the world wide web for vastness and the great pyramids for sheer wonder."- "Xeroxgraphy's Zenith"

-- the basic version has 32 full size reproductions o of Black and White polaroid prints hand cut and folded with an index page and a cover page, all pages have large images on the reverse side. finished size is 4.5"X5.75"  6 dollars in person ,$7.50 paypaled and posted to you extra copies at in person price.

the COLOR version has everything in the black and white version has as well as
32 full size reproductions of color polaroid prints with an index and a folded 11"X17" cover page with a large image on the reverse. this comes with an "obi" made of instant film parts and a case made from recycled tetrapacks. size is larger than the B/W version dur to the case.
Trade value is one pack of peel apart film, in person or sent to my
In person cash cost is $15 dollars , shipped cost is $16.50 paypaled and posted to you as above for extra copies.

The BOX SET : includes everything in the color version as well as A fuji film box containing a spent film pack with a Fauxlaroid wetprint mounted in it,signed and numberd  (limited to 25 peices)on the back
cost is 28 dollars paypaled with shipping.
(the fauxlaroid prints are made in the darkroom using a negative of the orginal instant print on RC paper)
if you have any questions or to paypal use :

here are some photos of what they look like--
black and white basic

color version

box set showing fauxlaroid (fauxlaroid images are random)

detail of box set cover

I also have available for 100 dollars-- Library Sets.. these contain all pages of the zine printed Single sided on 25 pound bond uncut for easy display or reproduction these are limited to 5 peices and come with a numbered Fauxlaroid as well .
alright thanks for reading and for your support and have a nice ride...
(avoid crosswalks and cops)

(I ship daily)


  1. Yea that zine/paperblog looks great! I'll see if my wife lets me buy one from you(She's in charge of the expenses)and I'll get back to you.

    The police have really been cracking down on bicyclists. All these years of being a bicyclist and avoiding cars, car doors, and random lunatics on the street and now we have to watch out for the cops trying to fulfill their quotas for ticketing!

    I love the blog! The photos are wonderful.I look forward to the next posting.

  2. Hey ARTpoloagist- I will barter as well... the set trade value for the colour issuse is a pack of peel apart film...also note I will give the inperson price for well conceled cash to my pobox..If you are in San Francisco I am often at the City Darkroom (50 scott st) during the open darkroom hours, in fact they open in an hou and I am heading up there presently.. thanks for the comments and another short posting will be forthcoming...all the best erik ZO/ misster pissta

  3. ONLY IN PERSON OR with proir contact with these for a while... you can get them on market and 6th at the newstand in front of blick art ..and maybe nedlles and pens..

  4. Best SFPD ticket I ever got was flying down Oak street one morning and right around Laguna a Harley Cop pulls even in the lane next to me and motions me over. Turns out he wants to write me a speeding ticket! I showed up to court dressed like Ned Flanders and told the Judge I didn't think my bicycle could even go that fast. Ticket tossed!


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