Thursday, January 12, 2012


two on two -bessa R2C 21mms skopar (made by cosina)
I like film, it never crashes unlike hard drives, and old negatives still work when damaged,
the life span of a self recorded CD is known to be shorter than that .
 Film cameras for the most part are ready to take a photo quicker then the digi counter part, of course you don't know what you exposed till process the film but most of the time its all good.
polaroids give you the feedback instantly but they are a bit hard to open, compose and shoot while riding a bicycle (my motive means).

In any case here are three shots that I would not have got if I didn't have a quick camera at ready--

I just snapped and cropped digiphotos of the prints......someday I will get a scanner working...
enjoy and ...stay on 2 wheels   misster pissta

It didnt have a flat, and the look he gave me, but it sure gave me a double take as well.. (canon autoboy aqua!!)

this is one of the reason I like taking the boat even with a loaded bike you just roll it on trailers? no problem..BART on the ohter hand..leakytube,stinky box..(olympus sylus?)

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  1. Glad to see someone else that thinks like i do. Binders of negatives and contact sheets will never replace cds in my world. I wish i had jumped on the bessa r2s when they were cheap, but i love my rollei 35!

    Keep the rubber side down...


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